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Ever since amd has introduced the athlon series of processors the cpu speeds have increased dramatically. With the increase in speed comes every overclocker's enemy heat.

Traditionally a heatsink with a fan has been used to combat the heat issues but now in order to remove enough heat[to safely oc and extend the life of your cpu] massive heat sinks with fans, that make a HARRIER jet seem quiet by comparison,are required. Now it's not just heat, but sound levels that are needing attention. Enter the age of water cooling

my rig
athlon 1gig@1544..10.5 x147fsb defualt voltage axha stepping
asus a7v133a revision 4 bios 1005+
asus v6600 4x agp with sideband and fast writes on,using 10.80 det drivers
30 gig maxtor 7200 rpm ata100 drive
256 megs of kingmax pc150 at cas 2
Soundblaster live platnuim with the cambridge soundworks desktop theater dtt2500 3com nic.,wintv2000 and a 19"aoc monitor
Water cooling parts I am using

Be Cooling 4 pass maze copperwaterblock
A Becooling aquacube rad with 20 pass thoughs.
For a reservoir I am using a grey pvc electrical box with brass fittings with a rio 180 , 120 g/p/h submersible aquarium pump.
And lastly various fittings, hoses and purple ice coolant.

Well, after my first attempt at water-cooling and the little accident {insert link to old review } I received my new block and clamp from Becooling and my new CPU from AMD. [A 1 gig axha stepping 200 MHz fsb chip].

My goal on this chip is 1400 MHz. On straight air cooling [without the air ionizer ] Max speed was 1266 MHz room temperatures were 24-6 c and CPU temps were 50-54c. Using the funky air ionizer I was able to get 1400 MHz totally stable but 1466 MHz was not quite stable as the temperatures would rise to about 45+c and then it would crash. The water block I am using is the new "Jagged Edge" block from Becooling.

I must say I was very impressed with the quality of the block..It comes with a highly polished mirror finish on both sides and was totally flat [no need to lap this puppy]. The soldering is very clean and even, a professional job. The finished block looks exactly like the pictures I borrowed from Becooling. I didnít have a decent camera at the time of installation and by the time I borrowed one, the block was mounted and I wasnít about to take it off for more pictures.

The new lexan clamp I received is very secure using the four holes on your mobo to mount the water block. Other then having to take the mobo out the first time you mount this clamp, the installation is quite painless. I did use the aqua cube with the 120mm panaflow fan from Becooling along with a reservoir I built myself using a gray PVC electrical box and a Rio 180 pump. However the results posted will be from the refrigerated water dispenser with the lid and pump off my reservoir. I am waiting to get my new case so I can install the whole setup inside my case but thatís for another time. Only the fans from my enermax 465 fc p.s.u and a 120 mm fan on 7v blowing across my mobo are being used. Arctic silver 2 is used with a blue safety shim supplied by Bob Dyl. [Power-hungry from Amdmb cases and cooling] Thanks Bob.

I fired up my 1gig@1gig just to see what the temps would be and was happy to see a temperature of 26c after 2 hrs of seti running. Now came the real test, my non axia 1gig@1400+ MHz., I figured I would see what my highest post was and try for 50Mhz less. After a bit of messing around trying to get the board to post at a 11.5 or higher multiplier x133fsb the darn thing simply kept reading 1466 on 11"+" x133fsb. I remembered reading somewhere about this being a quirk with the a7v133 so I tried 12x 134 and got a 1600 MHz + post. Low and behold it booted up to the Windows ME splash screen and froze. I backed it off to 12x132=1582 and It booted into windows and stayed up long enough to run some sisoft sandra scores before crashing. I tried it at 10.5 x 147=1545 and that was the sweet spot. It is totally stable after days of running seti 24/7 and various other tasks' mp3s ectÖ The highest temperature I get is about 34-35c on a warm day running a full load. installed I can honestly say that I am very pleased with my success. I not only got much more speed then I was hoping for but the system is so quiet now that I can hear my hard drive LoL.

fop vs volcano the results
For the last year the fop38 has been a pretty decent hsf for the money, however with newer faster procsesors, better cooling solutions are needed to keep the procsesors cool. Recently the volcano 2 has come into exsistance and I have seen many people in forums ask which is better. I decided to test a fop32 with the ys teck fan and with the delta black label fan[fop38]against the volcano2 with the even flow[stock fan] and the black label delta.

The test rig is an a7v with a 1gig tbird @1133 max voltage[1.85].All temps were taken after 45 mins of seti running and mp3s playing and both heatsinks had a very thin layer of artic silver on them[ambient room temps were 24c and the side of my case was off ]. Well on to the results

The fop32[ysteck fan] was the first contender with a very disapointing score of 54 c after 45 mins of seti and mps.

The next player was the fop38 [delta fan]and it performed much better with a temp of 49c after the 45 min test.

On to the challenger the volcano2. I started it with the evenflow[the stock fan on the volcano] and after the 45 min test the temps came up at 53 c which wasnt all that much better then the fop32 although it should be noted that the evenflow fan is a bit quieter then the ys teck fan .

The final test was the volcano with the delta black label [screamer ]fan. After 45 mins running the test the temps were 47c .

The winner is the volcano2 with the delta black label fan. I should at this time mention that although the volcano is the winner when I recived it there were several small groves and pits in the surface and I had to use some 800 grit to smooth them out before I could use it.
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